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Sunday Afternoon…Update!

To whom it may concern, I am taking a short season to rest and recharge after over a year of consistently posting to this blog that I have come to adore.  I love having space to reflect and place my thoughts and I will absolutely be returning, but sometimes, we just need to pause and… Continue reading Sunday Afternoon…Update!

Sunday Afternoon Poetry: “Splatter”

I dropped communion wine on the carpet of the sanctuary. My hand was cupped, I tried to catch the stragglers, but it made a tiny mess in the church. Soiled the perfect, shattered illusions; Praise God, Praise God.


The word of this week is presence.  On Monday, I attended a celebration of life for a friend whose life ended tragically. It was heartbreaking and beautiful and honored her so well. However, despite the fact that I knew the service would be lovely and that my friend is now in the arms of Jesus,… Continue reading Presence

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