Sunday Afternoon Poetry: “Enough”

In the morning I was vaccinated,
taking part in a historic point on the timeline in which I received 
the gift of science and community 
side-by-side with my husband,
who has promised to be with me for all 
milestones, which is the best.
In the afternoon I rested really hard,
as human as a human can get, 
binge watching Netflix and wondering if I had done enough,
if I had accomplished enough to call myself worthy today.
I felt alone in this but
I am not, which helps. 
In the evening I was huffing Easter lilies,
planting Easter eggs, 
and reading the Easter story,
the Good Friday part,
the dark parts in which Jesus reminds me that there is healing and there is life 
despite all the gore, which is heavy and good indeed. 
I am grateful that He absorbed
the sin and its distance and brought me near
so that it didn’t matter if I watched Bridgerton for hours on end or 
if I partook in history or 
if I simply read a story—
I am worthy and I am here and I am no longer enslaved to fear,
which is enough.

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